The amazing height of rookie girl group IVE: shortest member Gaeul is still taller than the average height of Korean women at 20s

Gaeul is exposed to wearing insoles simply because she is the shortest in the group. 

IVE is the girl group with the third tallest average height among all girl groups, with Leader Ahn Yu-jin, Jang Won-young, and Liz among the tallest members of more than 170 cm in height, and the average measurement of the group is 169 cm.


 The ‘shorter’ member line of IVE includes Rei at 169cm, the youngest member Leeseo at 166cm, and Gaeul at 164cm, the shortest in the group.

Nonetheless, Gaeul is not short compared to the average height of women in their 20s, which is at 161 cm and 163 cm for 19 year-olds. 

ive gaeul wonyoung

Specifically, Moonbyul is the tallest member of female girl group Mamamoo and she is only 163cm tall. Even the singer was surprised when she learned of IVE girls’ height measurements. 

ive gaeul

While Gaeul has nothing but confidence in her height, she is still much shorter to Jang Won-young, the tallest member in the group. 

One time, Gaeul was exposed to wearing insoles by her member Liz, creating a funny situation among the members. 

ive gaeul

Recently, fourth-generation girl group IVE won four awards at the 2022 Melon Music Awards, followed by another four awards, including ‘Song of the Year’ at the 2022 “MAMA Awards”, affirming their heat in the industry.

Source: daum

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