This goddess used to be chubby during her school days but lost 20kg before becoming an actress

Actress Kang So Ra talked about dieting.

The broadcast of SBS Power FM’s “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time”, which aired January 17th, featured Kang So Ra, who recently made a comeback in Genie TV’s original series “Can We Be Strangers?”.

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Kang So Ra said, “I tried to lose weight before. There’s no tip. You have to starve yourself. I also had to eat less and do more exercise. How can you lose weight after eating three meals a day? That’s greedy.”

When Choi Hwa Jung said asked, “I think actors have their own before and after dieting processes. Do you feel relaxed before dieting?”, Kang So Ra said, “I tend to do irregular fasting. I also do ballet and practice fitness and yoga more often”, revealing her method.

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Kang So Ra, who is 168cm tall, said, “I was overweight during my high school days. I grew up eating a lot. But don’t give up until the end. I feel sorry for young children because they seem to be too obsessed with dieting”.

In the past, Kang So Ra also appeared on “Strong Heart” and released her past photos. 

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Appearing on the show, Kang So Ra revealed that she weighed up to 72kg in the past when she was a student. The actress surprised the cast when she mentioned her eating habit, saying “I ate a whole chicken and one cake by myself”.

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Kang So Ra continued, “At that time, I hated going to department stores because I couldn’t find any clothes that fit me. I also looked for big-size clothing stores in Itaewon”.

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Later, Kang So Ra lost 20kg by dieting and controlling her weight by practicing yoga and ballet. She also changed her body shape by correcting her head and body postures.

Meanwhile, Kang So Ra gave birth to her child in April last year and recently made a comeback. She made her face known to the public after appearing in the movie “Sunny” and received favorable reviews for her stable acting in the drama “Misaeng: Incomplete Life”.

Source: Daum

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