This female Kpop idol had to work at a cafe after a gruesome car accident 

Kpop fans can’t help but express their pity about the current life of this female Kpop idol after a tragic car accident. 

Many years after the car accident that shook the Korean entertainment industry, recently, Zuny – a member of the girl group Ladies’ Code, updated fans about her current condition through her. YouTube channel. In the video, the female idol appeared and shared about her work in the past few years, attracting the attention of the online community.

Zuny in her latest YouTube video 

After experiencing the heart-breaking tragedy, Zuny is currently working as an employee at a cafe and restaurant of an acquaintance. Although a few years have passed, the female idol still suffers from the trauma of the accident as well as a constantly present fear that plagues her mind. Zuny even became afraid of riding the bus, since she was too traumatized over the car accident that killed two of her members. 

“I still take the train when I return to my hometown because taking the bus (on the highway) is still very difficult for me. After the accident happened, it became very difficult for me to ride the bus or car on rainy days. If the car moves a little faster, I find myself short of breath and my heart starts to beat rapidly,” Zuny confessed

Zuny shared that she got traumatized after the car accident 

On top of that, Zuny also revealed that she did not leave the house for a year after the accident. In particular, the female idol also shared that the members are still in the process of recovering and always reminiscing about the time when they used to promote together. Her remarks touched the hearts of many fans, who can’t help but pity Ladies’ Code members. 

Zuny became emotional as she mentioned Ladies’ Code
Ladies’ Code eunbi rise
Two members of Ladies’ Code, Eunbi and Rise, died after a tragic car accident in September 2014 

After debuting in 2013, Ladies’ Code became a high-anticipated rookie girl group in the Kpop industry. The group received attention thanks to their catchy songs and outstanding vocal skills.

Unfortunately, in 2014, Ladies’ Code suffered heavy losses when they were involved in a serious traffic accident that killed 2 members, Eunbi and Rise, and shook the Korean entertainment industry. Meanwhile, the remaining three members, Ashley, Sojung, and Zuny, suffered severe psychological trauma after the accident. 

It wasn’t until 2019 that Ladies’ Code managed to come back and released the single “Set Me Free”. However, ever since, they have not got much activity. 

Ladies’ Code
Ladies’ Code’s last release was in 2019

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