This female idol misheard her fan’s name and wrote “butt” on the autograph

Because she couldn’t hear well, this female idol made a mistake when writing her fan’s name. 

Ahn So Hee, who made her debut in Wonder Girls in 2007, won second place for her looks at the SM Youth Best Contest three years before her debut and became a full-time idol trainee. Like So Hee, Sunmi, who was also in Wonder Girls, was selected as the second best-looking member the following year. So Hee and Sunmi, who were the youngest in Wonder Girls, were loved for their sister-like image.

Ahn So-hee

In particular, Ahn So Hee was nicknamed “Dumpling” for her unique chubby cheeks. She was even called Korea’s “national little sister,” gaining explosive popularity with the killing part “Omona!” in Wonder Girls’ hit song “Tell Me.”

Unlike her cute image, Ahn So Hee is popular for her unexpected reverse charm hee. She showed her cute clumsiness on SBS’s “Strong Heart” in 2011.

Ahn So-hee

Ahn So Hee once told a story where she made a mistake because she misheard a fan’s name at a fan signing event. She recalled, “I asked the fan for her name, but the name sounded strange. She said their name was butt (eong-deong-ie in Korean).”

Ahn So-hee

She continued, “No matter how many times I asked, they said their name was butt, so I ended up writing butt on the autograph.” This later went viral after the fan posted a picture of the autograph online. 

The fan who received the unique autograph from So Hee posted a picture, revealing her name is Eon Gyeong, which sounds similar to “butt” in Korean. Ahn So Hee later found out she made a mistake through an article, making everyone laugh. 

Source: Daum.

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