Not Brave Girls, aespa or BTS… The favorite singer of men and women in their 20s is?

Who is the singer that men and women in their 20s liked most?

Sports Chosun reported on Dec 28th, “Melon compiled the rankings of favorite artists and songs by men and women in their 20s as well as teenage boys and girls based on data from Jan 1st to Nov 12th this year.”

brave girls

According to this media outlet, the singer that both men and women in their 20s liked most was not Brave Girls, aespa or BTS. She was IU.


The most popular singers for men in their 20s were IU, Brave Girls, Ash Island, Homies, aespa, Lee Mujin, Heize, Changmo, BTS and Baek Ye-rin, respectively.

For women in their 20s, the list included IU, NCT DREAM, Seventeen, aespa, NCT 127, BTS, Lee Mujin, Day6, The Boyz and SHINee.

Teenage boys picked IU, Homies, aespa, Ash Island, Lee Mujin, Changmo, Justin Bieber, Heize, BLACKPINK and Giriboy.


On the other hand, teenage girls chose NCT DREAM, NCT 127, IU, Seventeen, aespa, BTS, The Boyz, TXT, NCT U and NCT.

Meanwhile, according to Melon’s announcement last month, IU‘s “Celebrity”, which was released in March, was selected as “The Most Liked Song in 2021“.

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