This celebrity got married and became a mother a year after denying her dating rumor 

Actress Han Chae-ah announced her marriage a year after denying the dating rumors. She also welcomed her daughter in the same year.

Han Chae-ah

Actress Han Chae-ah gained huge popularity after being named as one of the “Top 5 beauties of Ulsan” along with Kim Tae-hee. She once became a hot issue in 2017 after the rumor of her romantic relationship with Cha Se-chi, the second son of soccer player Cha Bum-geun, broke out.

Han Chae-ah Cha Se-chi

At that time, Han Chae-ah’s agency denied the dating rumors through various press releases, saying, “Han Chae-ah and Cha Se-chi are only good friends, not lovers”. However, she then publicized her romantic relationship, announced her marriage with Cha Se-chi, and held a wedding in May 2018.

Han Chae-ah

Regarding the situation at that time, Han Chae-ah explained, “I struggled alone although I didn’t even commit a crime. I felt so relieved when my romantic relationship was revealed”, adding, “From the perspective of the agency, I think it was one of the processes of protecting the artist”.

Han Chae-ah

Han Chae-ah, who is building a happy family after giving birth to her daughter Cha Bom in 2018, has been actively communicating with fans by revealing her recent status on SNS.

Han Chae-ah

On January 26th, Han Chae-ah released updated her whereabouts on her SNS account. Han Chae-ah in the picture caught netizens’ attention with her shining visual in a blue beanie. 

Han Chae-ah The King’s Affection

Meanwhile, Han Chae-ah made headlines for her special appearance as the Crown Prince’s mother in “The King’s Affection”, which aired in October. Recently, she confirmed her appearance in the movie “Letter from Kyoto”, hinting at her active activities.

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