Bam Bam, who likes being single, draws admiration by revealing his house on “Master in the House

The comfortable and fancy single life of Bam Bam, a member of GOT7, will be shown on “Master in the House”.

SBS’s “Master in the House” scheduled to air on January 15th will continue with the theme ‘Marriage vs. Non-marriage’. Following the previous story, the loving family life of Lee Dae Ho and the fancy solo life of BamBam will be introduced.

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During the last episode, Bam Bam confessed that he prefers staying single.

On the new broadcast, the daily life of Bam Bam as a soloist who declares “I’m not going to look at others and just live my life!” is unveiled.

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Bam Bam’s house attracts attention with its stylish MZ Generation-like interior. The male singer shocks everyone when he introduces a product that no one in Korea had ever installed in their homes. In addition, it is said that Jung Joon Ho, a wedding master, suddenly gets angry and comments, “Who would like to get married then?” after watching the leisurely daily life of Bam Bam.

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Meanwhile, Bam Bam also prepares a ‘2023 New Year Home Party’ by spending 3 hours cleaning his house and plating various food. At the sound of the doorbell, the masters and “Master in the House” members react, “Someone important must be coming”, “Is his girlfriend coming?”, etc., raising viewers’ curiosity.

The identity of Bam Bam’s home party guest will be revealed on the new broadcast, which will air at 4:50 p.m. on January 15th.

master in the house

Source: Daum

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