This AOA member, who has been reborn as a yoga instructor, is highly appraised after “this photo” was released

Yuna from AOA, who has been reborn as a yoga instructor, caught the public’s attention by showing off her picturesque figure.


Yuna posted three photos on her Instagram on Mar 22nd without any caption.

The released photo showed Yuna wearing a sports bra and tilting her waist back.


In the same photos, she caught the public’s eye with her solid figure and incredible flexibility.

In addition, she was wearing a yoga outfit in which her apple hip stood out while performing flying yoga, giving off an elegant atmosphere, drawing admiration.

She then drew attention by showing her professional side without any disruption while taking a high-level posture.

When the photos were posted, netizens expressed their surprise and went wild.


Netizens commented on Yuna‘s Instagram, saying, “She has such a beautiful figure,” “Wow, this is art,” “You are so cool and beautiful,” “Wow, my God,” “Oh my God,” “This is crazy.”

Yuna, who debuted as the lead vocalist of girl group AOA in 2012, became popular with hit songs such as “Miniskirt,” “Heart Attack,” and “Short Hair.”


Having reported the end of her exclusive contract with FNC Entertainment in January last year, she is currently working as a yoga instructor and YouTuber and communicating with her fans through SNS.

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