These idols’ drastic transformation from “boys” to “men” can motivate you to go to the gym

The members of EXO, Big Bang, SHINee, and BTS have all undergone a complete transformation.

At the time of their debut, many male idolswere still young boys with a young and cute face and a thin body. However,after many years, these male idols were criticized for their thin body in thepast have completely changed. Many people are even shocked to see the 6-packbody and the explosive charm of them, who successful hit puberty.


Jungkook made his noona-fans fall in lovefor his handsome and cute face, which helped him become the “national younger brother”.


Previously, V was only considered one of the good-looking members of BTS with a rather chubby face….
… V has now completely transformed. He became more seductive with the old lines becoming sharper, more masculine, butthe virtual “manga” beauty of V is still preserved.
Now, V has become the most beautiful male artist in the world

Jimin (BTS)

Jimin, who didn’t stand out and  was often criticized for his look in the past…
… is now the sexiest member of the group. The beauty of the Big Hit idol is often praised by netizens. Jimin is also themember with most international fans of the group
The 3 members of BTS in the past …

Sehun (EXO)

From the early days, Sehun was praised for his beautiful face. However, his skinny body was an disadvantage.
After many years, the pretty Sehun turned into a real man. With a carved-like beautiful and godly manliness, Sehun is now admired by an army of fans of different ages.

Xiumin (EXO)

Similar to Sehun’s case, Xiumin was previously alarmingly thin
… but now EXO’s grandfather is able tonaturally show off his masculine, muscular body at concerts.
Xiumin, who was once said to be plain, has now become a “deadly” sexy man

Baekhyun (EXO)

Baekhyun has caused fans to be worried because of his severe weight loss and his body was so thin that his ribs could be seen. He also did not dare to show off his body like other male idols.

And everyone changes. Baekhyun used to make netizens stir up because of his complete change. Baekhyun’s picturesque body became a hot social issue at the time

Taemin (SHINee)

Taemin in the past was just a cute kid with a silly hairstyle.

Now, Taemin has become a seductive male with the ability to make the audience go crazy for his solid body lines and razor sharp eyes.

His old skinny body was also changed into astandard six-pack.

Minho (SHINee)

In the past, Minho was still a fragile pretty boy.

… However he has such a strong body like this now! After many training hardships, Taemin had successfully achieved a desirable appearance

Up to now, no one can criticize the perfect combo (nice face + six-pack body) of Minho anymore!


Big Bang in the beginning of their career pursued the style of boys over flowers …

BIGBANG is the male group that many colleagues want to make friends with.

… But now all five members have become powerful gentlemen

G-Dragon has transformed into a male artist with a unique personality

Daesung is no longer the chubby guy of the past. He probably has the most successful transformation in Big Bang

Taeyang is still unique in his own way as in the past but has become more masculine and more attractive. The singer’s body has changed due to austerity training. The bodybuilding workouts have helped the body lines and face of Taeyang become solider.

T.O.P has not changed so much over the years in terms of shape but his style has completely changed.

Seungri is also one of the two members thatchanged the most. From the youngest shy flower boy of the past, Seungri hastransformed into a powerful-looking gentleman.

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