The Whale Couple of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” broke up… The viewer rating of episode 14 soared to 17.9%

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Park Eun-bin and Kang Tae-oh faced a tearful breakup.

In episode 14 of ENA’s drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” (directed by Yoo In-sik/ scripted by Moon Ji-won/ produced by AStory & KT Studio Genie), the second story of Hanbada Team on Jeju Island was depicted.

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According to Nielsen Korea, this episode recorded a nationwide viewer rating of 14.6% and 16.1% in Seoul metropolitan area, reaching a real-time peak of 17.9%. As a result, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” firmly maintained its No.1 spot among Wednesday – Thursday dramas.

In this broadcast, the attorneys of Hanbada found out that Jung Myung-seok (Kang Ki-young) had been struggling with stage 3 gastric cancer. Worried about Jung Myung-seok, who couldn’t eat a meal properly, Woo Young-woo wanted to let him taste the unforgettable meat noodles of Happy Noodles again. The attorneys decided to go and find the owner of the closed Happy Noodles. Lucky Noodles, which is on a roll under a similar name, claimed that they were the original one and that Happy Noodles closed because no one came there, but there was another inside story. The villagers explained that Lucky Noodles did great in marketing their restaurant through TV broadcasts and SNS while the owner of Happy Noodles was busy taking care of his mother.

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Amidst the unknown whereabouts of Happy Noodles owner, Lee Joon-ho sensed something suspicious about Lucky Noodles chef on the day he visited the restaurant so he followed the chef on his way home from work. The chef eventually confessed, “Happy Noodles owner told me that he would relax at a place where the mountains and waters are nice”. Because the clue was quite vague, the plan of “finding the owner of Happy Noodles” was very difficult.

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The deadline for the third hearing was getting nearer. The chief monk said in a newspaper report that the construction of Local Highway No.3008 was carried out despite the opposition of Hwangjisa Temple’s people in the past. However, the government told people of Hwangjisa Temple to collect cultural heritage admission fees. In fact, they accepted the collection of cultural heritage admission fees not because of the damage compensation. It was to help the monks’ practice, reduce damage to cultural properties, and control the number of visitors. In response, Woo Young-woo demanded the disclosure of the budget details, pointing out the double collection issue and that they did not come up with measures even though they knew that the ticket office obstructed traffic. However, she couldn’t refute the chief monk’s statement that Hwangjisa Temple’s collection of cultural heritage fees was legitimate and necessary.

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However, Woo Young-woo found a way to solve the difficult case by recalling Jung Myung-seok’s advice and the words of the chief monk. Citing that Local Highway No. 3008 is a “public property”, she claimed, “The plaintiff cannot be deemed as having performed the act of visiting the cultural heritage owned by the defendant just because he used public property”. Thanks to the win of Hanbada, the ticket office to Hwangjisa Temple, which had obstructed the road, was closed. Jung Myung-seok then visited Hwangjisa Temple again. He also saw through the nature of the case during the trial. He said, “The damage caused by Local Highway No.3008 all falls on Hwangjisa Temple as the owner of the land. But the government is turning a blind eye to this and is just using all kinds of laws to restrict you”. Jung Myung-seok surprised everyone as he proposed an agreement to create a foundation for Hwangjisa Temple’s self-management.

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There was a miraculous twist. The owner of Happy Noodles was actually serving as a monk at Hwangjisa Temple. Woo Young-woo asked him to make meat noodles for Jung Myung-seok. While the owner hesitated, saying that the store had already been closed, Hanbada attorneys stepped up to save Happy Noodles. Earlier, Lucky Noodles promised to compensate for naming their restaurant after Happy Noodles and leaking the recipe through the chef.

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Meanwhile, Woo Young-woo kept thinking about the conversation Lee Joon-ho had with his sister. She called her father Woo Kwang-ho (Jeon Bae-soo) and asked why he wanted to meet Lee Joon-ho. His answer, which was “I want to see if he can make my daughter happy or take good care of her as a father did”, weighed heavily on Woo Young-woo’s mind. Woo Young-woo believed that the problem was herself, wondering “Am I the person who can make Lee Joon-ho happy?”. In the end, Woo Young-woo decided to break up with Lee Joon-ho. While Lee Joon-ho cried heavily as he was confused by the sudden breakup confession, Woo Young-woo turned around and left after saying “I’m so sorry”. The scene where Lee Joon-ho was left alone in tears made the viewers feel very sad.

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On their way back home from Jeju Island, Hanbada team boarded the plane together again but with different minds this time. Woo Young-woo could not face Lee Joon-ho, and Lee Joon-ho stepped back without knowing why. Jung Myung-seok, who only regretted the past days, realized that his life was not in vain thanks to Woo Young-woo. And a strange atmosphere between Choi Soo-yeon and Kwon Min-woo began to be seen. In particular, Han Sun-young’s met Lee Joon-beom (Lee Doo-seok) of the Justice Daily and said, “Woo Young-woo is Tae Soo-mi’s daughter”, making the viewers more curious about the development in the remaining two episodes.

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Meanwhile, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” airs on ENA channel every Wednesday and Thursday at 9 p.m. It is also released on seezn and Netflix.

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