“Dr.Cheon” Starring Kang Dong-won Leads Box Office In Korea During Chuseok

Actor Kang Dong-won’s new movie continues its success

According to the Korean Film Council’s integrated ticket computer network, “Dr. Cheon and the Lost Talisman” maintained the top of Korea’s box office on September 29th, gathering 278,439 people to 1,465 screens nationwide. The cumulative audience until the 29th is 635,296.

Dr. Cheon has been ranking first for three consecutive days since the 27th, the first day of its release.

kang dong won

“Road to Boston,” a movie starring Ha Sung-woo and I’m Si-wan, which was released on the same day, attracted 137,448 people to 1,205 screens, keeping its second place. Its cumulative audience is 309,513.

Cobweb by director Kim Ji-woon, starring Song Kang-ho, was in third place, attracting 47,797 people to 893 screens. The cumulative audience is 145,701.

When the news was announced, Internet users left comments on online communities congratulating Kang Dong-won. They said “Kang Dong-won must be smiling broadly,” “Kang Dong-won must feel really good,” “Kang Dong-won will be pleased,” “Kang Dong-won will be number one in theaters during the Chuseok holiday,” “Kang Dong-won will be sitting on a money cushion soon,” and “Kang Dong-won is a hit.”

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