The video quietly posted by Taeyeon amid SM’s chaotic situation draws attention

Singer Taeyeon released an ambiguous scene from the movie “The Unjust”.

On February 16th, Taeyeon posted a video on her Instagram story with no caption.


The released video shows the scene from the movie “The Unjust”. In that scene, actor Ryu Seung Bum looks at people making a fuss on the golf course and says, “Ya, everyone lives so hard. They all live so hard.”

In response to Taeyeon’s SNS update, netizens commented, “From the perspective of SM artists, they can only sigh at the current situation in their company”, “I’m not sure what it means but it strangely suits the current situation”, “I don’t think she wants to attack anyone but it’s still funny for some reason”, etc.

the unjust

Taeyeon’s agency SM Entertainment has recently experienced internal confusion due to the conflict between former executive producer Lee Soo Man and SM’s current board members. Lee Soo Man handed over his 14.8% SM shares to HYBE, making HYBE the largest shareholder of SM.

Later, SM CEO Lee Sung Soo uploaded a video titled “SM Entertainment CEO Lee Seung Soo’s First Statement_Part 1” on his personal Youtube channel on February 16th. He raised suspicions of Lee Soo Man trying to privatize SM.


After hearing Lee Sung Soo’s statement, Lee Soo Man expressed his sorrow, saying “CEO Lee is my wife’s nephew and I have seen him growing up he was 4 years old”.

Meanwhile, Taeyeon debuted as a member of Girls’ Generation in 2007 and has been a representative artist of SM Entertainment until now.

Source: wikitree

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