The venue stadium is damaged after Psy’s concert, Yeosu City calls for restoration

The floors of Jinnam Stadium, which was used as the venue for Psy’s concert, have been severely damaged, causing controversy.

A large stage was set up for singer Psy‘s concert in Jinnam Sports Complex, Yeosu on  August 6th. The concert attracted a total of 28,000 audiences.

However, the condition of Jinnam Sports Complex in Yeosu after the concert is creating a controversy. Some of the floors around the track and field were badly cut and torn. Some of the damaged flooring was even completely ripped off.

Yeosu City identified the forklifts used to transport stage facilities as the cause. The damages are from traces of forklifts carrying heavy loads, such as stage equipment, and moving on the stadium which was barely covered with elastic flooring.

About half of the 600 square meters of ground space around the track for citizens were damaged, and some of the artificial grass was also damaged.

Yeosu City has asked the concert organizer to restore the stadium to its original state. An Bo-hyun, Yeosu City’s Deputy Director of Sports Support Division, said, “In case of damage to the facility, it is supposed to be restored to its original state. That was the condition in the permit to use the stadium. We will discuss this with the event company to receive the restoration plan and review in order to restore the facility to its original state.”

Reportedly, at least 10 days are needed to restore the stadium, including on-site inspections.

Yeosu City claims this is not a serious problem as long as the event organizer restores the facility, but it is expected to be inconvenient as citizens will be refrained from using the stadium.

Source: daum

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