The sexiest idol couple Jinwoon (2AM) and Kyungri has broken up after 4 years

The news that the beautiful couple Kyungri (Nine Muses) and Jinwoon (2AM) broke up made Kpop fans regret it.

On the afternoon of May 4, TV Daily suddenly reported that Kyungri (Nine Muses) broke up with Jinwoon (2AM) after 4 years of dating.  The reason is that their busy schedules prevent them from spending time together.  Shortly thereafter, the management companies of the two have confirmed the above information.

The couple started dating after co-MCing for a variety show in 2017. Kyungri was with her boyfriend during the time of his enlistment.  After going public, the couple did not hesitate to show their love on TV programs.

Jinwoon was born in 1991, debuted with 2AM in 2018. Before Kyungri, the male idol had a long time dating Yeeun (Wonder Girls).  Meanwhile, Kyungri is 1 year older than her boyfriend.  She is a “sexy icon” of the 2nd generation of Kpop and a member of Nine Muses.

Source: TV Daily

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