Is it time to cancel Idol Star Athletics Championships? No ISAC this Lunar New Year holiday

The holiday representative entertainment “Idol Star Athletics Championships” will highly not be aired on the Lunar New Year anymore.

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There will be no MBC’s “Idol Star Athletics Championships” (hereby referred to as ISAC), which has become a representative entertainment program during the holiday season, this Lunar New Year holiday.

MBC said on Jan 6th that ISAC will not be broadcast during this Lunar New Year holiday. “Idol Star Athletics Championships” is an entertainment program that features idol stars competing in different sports, showing off their versatile talents. ISAC had had a two-year break due to the pandemic before resuming last Chuseok (Mid-Autumn Holiday), but stopped broadcasting again half a year later.

ISAC, which began its first broadcast on Chuseok in 2010, has become a representative holiday entertainment show of MBC as it aired every year during the Lunar New Year and Chuseok holidays. ISAC was an opportunity for rookie idols to show their new charms and talents, but it was also at the center of controversy due to the steady injury that happened to many idols who participated.

There is also the issue of unilateral demand where the idols and their entertainment agency have to appear in fear of being hated by the broadcaster.

In particular, last year, ISAC was criticized several times, including the controversy over staff power abuse. Last year, Stray Kids staff asked fans to make the banners themselves and was embroiled in controversy over their power trip due to the remarks of a staff member at the recording site at the time. In addition, even though it was a long recording of 16 hours, a “controversy over human rights violation” was raised after fans were restricted from eating on the set and leaving the filming site. Such restrictions were lifted before filming due to angry opposition from fans, but the aftermath still went on.

Perhaps due to the rumors every year, MBC will air its pilot entertainment program “Miss Wife” instead of “Idol Star Athletics Championships” during this Lunar New Year holiday. “Miss Wife,” which will air at 5:50 p.m. on Jan 23rd, is a program where women, who used to be called “someone’s wife” after marriage but are now shining as themselves, gather to sympathize and console each other.

Twelve wives, from actresses crossing dramas and movies, idols who dominated the music industry, World Cup heroes, national athletes, and comedians, will appear to talk and show off their charms.

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