The second member of AESPA was criticized for her unremarkable appearance, looking similar to the first member

SM announced the 2nd member of aespa, and this girl is not a strange face to fans.

At 0:00 (KST) October 28, SM announced Karina as the second member of aespa – the girl group about to debut in November. However, Karina is the already famous trainee Yoo Jimin.

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Like Winter, Karina is also introduced through four fanciful fantasy-style photos. The outfits and background make the female idol look like a female warrior from science fiction movies. aespa may also debut with this concept. Born April 11, 2000 (making her international age 20 years old), Korean member Karina has been training under SM Entertainment for four years. In 2018, she featured in SHINee Taemin’s “Want” music video and music show performances. Therefore, the female idol is expected to take the center and vocal position of aespa. Many people even thought that she would be the team leader.

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On the eve of the debut, there was a series of evidence denouncing Yoo Jimin for defaming EXO, NCT, and BTS, but SM denied and claimed to sue those who spread fake rumors about her. The company’s move made netizens believe that Yoo Jimin would definitely debut, and this became true when she became the second member of aespa under the stage name Karina.

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Although SM invested in the 2nd member’s debut, the female idol’s visual still doesn’t catch the public eye. They think that Karina has a pretty normal appearance, and doen’t have SM’s vibe. Someone even says that Karina looks similar to Winter – the first member that has been revealed.

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