4 K-drama female leads who always dress in designer clothes despite struggling financially

A female character can’t even afford a new pair of shoes but still wears expensive outfits from high-end brands.

Fashion in Korean dramas always attracts much attention from the audience because most of the characters are dressed in pretty outfits from famous brands. Although they look stunning, these designer outfits sometimes make the characters look unrealistic and ridiculous, since they have an expensive wardrobe despite their financial problems in the storylines. 

1. Son Ye Jin

Son Ye Jin plays a wealthy chaebol heiress in “Crash Landing On You”, but when she gets lost in North Korea, she is empty-handed and has to rely on other people. However, she still wears stylish and expensive clothes, even items that look impossible to be bought in the North Korean countryside. In particular, although there is a scene where her character goes to the market to look for cheap items, what she gets turn out to be designer outfits such as a Miu Miu trench coat, a Fendi bag or Giambattista Valli’s blazer. The only thing that makes sense is these clothes have a vintage style, helping her blend in with other characters.

2. Suzy

Dal Mi (Suzy) in “Start Up” is a girl who grows up in an ordinary family background when her grandmother makes a living with a fast food truck. She is not at all rich. When her shoes scratch, she uses a pen to paint over the scuffed toes. However, Dal Mi still owns a costly and stylish wardrobe, including many Dior items because Suzy is the ambassador of this designer brand.

3. Park Min Young

In “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim”, Park Min Young plays Kim Mi So – the personal secretary of the handsome vice president Lee Young Joon (Park Seo Joon).  Although she works as a secretary to the vice chairman, Mi So only has enough money to live in a small apartment and go to work by public transport. She does not come from a rich family, but Mi So is often dressed in designer outfits. Her office clothes all look classy. At big events, Mi So even wears even more expensive outfits. 

4. Park So Dam

In “Record Of Youth”, Park So Dam plays a makeup artist who is still learning and trying to find opportunities in her career. Her outfits are well-matched to the character’s personality and specificity of work, but the problem is that they all come from high-end brands such as Officerine Générale, Coach, Michael Kors and YUUL YIE, which the character supposedly cannot afford. 

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