“The second Jennie” Ella Gross grew up to be a 15-year-old lady

The recent status of child actress-model Ella Gross has been revealed.

On May 14th, Ella Gross posted a photo of her recent appearance on her Instagram. The photo shows Ella Gross with her blond hair neatly braided and looking at the camera.

Ella Gross

On the same day, another post showed her wearing a jeans jacket, cotton pants and standing in a hip pose. Her mysterious aura caught the eye.

Ella Gross

Ella Gross, a member of YG’s “The Black Label”, drew attention as “the second Jennie”. This is because her outstanding beauty and unique vibe resemble Jennie.

Ella Gross

Born in 2008, she debuted as an advertising model for a fashion brand at the age of 2.

Ella Gross

Since then, she has been called a “living doll” by showing off her superior visuals. She is stealing the hearts of domestic and foreign fans by owning a variety of charms as well as a mysterious yet pure aura.

Ella Gross

Fans who saw Ella Gross, who had already boasted of her “complete beauty” since childhood, becoming a 15-year-old girl showed reactions such as “The textbook of well grown” and “There’s still beauty on her face.”

Source: Insight

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