The Reasons Behind YG Entertainment’s Ongoing Secrecy About BLACKPINK’s Contract Status

As of now, the future of BLACKPINK has still not been revealed

BLACKPINK celebrated their 7th anniversary on August 8th recently, and since then, YG has not officially announced the group’s contract status. This has raised concerns that the two encore concerts of the Born Pink World Tour on September 16th and 17th might have been BLACKPINK’s last performances as a group.


Since then, various rumors regarding the members’ contracts have been circulating on social media. For example, there have been rumors that Lisa will sign with an American recording company, Rosé will renew her contract with YG, and Jisoo and Jennie might establish their own companies. These rumors have led to a decline in YG’s stock price, and investors are anxiously awaiting confirmation. However, the company has only stated, “Nothing has been confirmed.” To date, the Korean media has stepped in to explain why YG has not yet announced BLACKPINK’s contract status after 7 years of being together.

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The contract status of BLACKPINK members with YG is currently undisclosed.

Star News reports that YG has never previously disclosed the contract status of artists like BIGBANG and 2NE1. Whether artists renew their contracts or not has never been officially announced by YG.

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Nevertheless, with the members hinting at “maintaining the BLACKPINK name,” the public believes that the group and YG are actively discussing how to work together while also pursuing individual activities. According to rumors, BLACKPINK will promote together for 6 months a year, with the remaining time reserved for individual activities. This is understood as all four members not wanting the BLACKPINK brand to dissolve as soon as they find new opportunities.

Despite rumors about contract extensions, BLACKPINK continues to show a strong bond. Jisoo mentioned that the group laughs a lot when they read rumors of discord. Rosé recently posted a vlog of her trip to Sydney with Jisoo. What’s more, the entire group came to support Lisa’s controversial show at the Crazy Horse nightclub, even though this led to heavy criticism from the public. Based on the actions of the members, fans continue to trust in BLACKPINK’s future, even if they decide to sign with a different management companies.

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Rosé posted a vlog of her outing with Jisoo while contract negotiations with YG were still ongoing.
jennie jisoo rose crazy horse
Despite criticism, BLACKPINK members supported Lisa’s controversial show at the Crazy Horse nightclub
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