The real story about Yoo Jae-seok and Na Kyung-eun, a married couple of 15 years, revealed by people around them

Yoo Jae-seok drew attention as his aspect of a person who becomes a fool when it comes to his wife was mentioned. 

On the broadcast of MBC’s “Hangout with Yoo”, which aired on April 2nd, Jo Se-ho unveiled some episodes about Yoo Jae-seok as a sweet husband. On the same day, Jo Se-ho met Yang Se-chan and Shin Bong-sun.

While sharing talks about love with Shin Bong-sun, Jo Se-ho asked, “Do you talk about your love stories and dating with Jae-seok and Jun-ha hyungs?”, Shin Bong-sun said, “Everything has been so different compared to when they were dating. I’m a person who is far from love”.

In response, Jo Se-ho an anecdote about Yoo Jae-seok. He said, “We went to a Chinese restaurant. The Tangsuyuk (sweet, sour and crispy pork) was really delicious. He then picked up his phone and said, ‘Kyung-eun ah, the Tangsuyuk here is really delicious, should I buy one for you? Okay, wait a minute. Please wrap the Tangsuyuk over here for me’.”

Yang Se-chan was so surprised and he said, “Wow. Even a man would feel heart-fluttered”. Jo Se-ho jokingly asked, “He’s doing a great job as a husband. But did he know about dating well?”. Yang Se-chan drew laughter as he said, “I heard rumors said he couldn’t do it well”.

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