The profile of YG’s brand new Japanese girl group 

Here is everything you need to know about the members of XG - YG’s latest girl group. 

In recent years, Korean entertainment companies have not only launched K-pop groups, but have also trained and introduced idol groups targeting the Chinese and Japanese markets, such as IZ*ONE, WAYV or NiZiu. Recently, YG Entertainment officially announced the launch of the girl group XG in Japan, drawing much attention. The visuals of XG members immediately catch the eyes. 

YG Entertainment is about to debut XG in Japan.
YG Entertainment is about to debut XG in Japan.  

Specifically, XG will officially debut in Japan on March 18, 2022. XG consists of 7 members: Jurin, Chisa, Cocona, Hinata, Maya, Juria, Harvey. This is a joint project that YG and Avex Group have worked on for a long time. Members of XG have been trainees since 2017.

Since the debut announcement, XG members have attracted attention because of their even visuals and gorgeous body proportions. Among them, Hinata stands out the most. Born in 2003, Hinata gains spotlight with her blonde hair, fair skin, big eyes, and pretty lips.

Another attention-grabbing XG member is Chisa. Chisa was born in 2002, has sharp facial features and a perfect body with toned abs. Before joining YG, Chisa used to be an actress. In XG, she will be taking on the lead vocal position.

Chisa's sharp facial features.
Chisa’s sharp facial features.  

Jurin is also an outstanding member of XG. The group’s rapper was born in 2002. Jurin exudes a charismatic, girl-crush aura which has been the trademark of YG‘s female idols over the years. Before becoming a part of XG, Jurin was a model and professional snowboarder.

Jurin’s eye-catching visuals
Jurin’s eye-catching visuals 
Jurin used to be a fashion model before debuting in XG
Jurin used to be a fashion model before debuting in XG 

Cocona is highly anticipated by fans for both her appearance and talent. She was born in 2005. Despite her young age, she can sing, dance and rap well. Therefore, fans believe that she will be the “ace” of XG.

Cocona has a sweet beauty.
Cocona has a sweet beauty. 
Coming under YG, she has become cooler
Coming under YG, she has become cooler 

XG’s Maya is also a potential female idol. She was born in 2006. She has a nice body and a sexy aura. Currently, there is barely any available information about Maya, so fans are looking forward to finding out more about her once XG debuts.

Maya's attractive aura
Maya’s attractive aura 

Juria is considered to have good singing skills. She was born in 2004, used to be a member of the child group Amorecarina. In 2015, Juria left Amorecarina to find a new opportunity and later joined Avex Group.

Juria has experience in performing.
Juria has experience in performing.

Harvey is the last member of XG. She was born in 2002 and is of mixed Australian-Japanese blood. Harvey began her career as a model before joining XG. As a result, the female idol always exudes a star-like, gorgeous, and fashionable aura.

Harvey's perfect figure.

Previously, Hikaru (Kep1er) was rumored to be in XG‘s lineup. However, she later joined the survival show Girls Planet 999 and won a slot to debut with Kep1er.

Hikaru (Kep1er)

Fans are ecstatic after seeing the information and attractiveness of the XG members. In addition, many fans are anticipating the debut of YG’s new girl group, Baby Monster (BAEMON), in Korea. Most people believe BAEMON will have equal beauty and talent to BLACKPINK, XG, and other seniors.

  • YG girl groups never let me down, so I’m looking forward to BAEMON.
  • I hope the group will follow in the footsteps of the seniors.
  • I wonder when BAEMON will debut in Korea.

Currently, fans are looking forward to XG‘s debut product. Besides, fans are also looking forward to BAEMON‘s grand debut in Korea.

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