“Our original rights”… …The production company of Elisabeth released its position on the controversy over casting

The production company of Elisabeth has expressed its position on the casting controversy.

Amid controversy over musical actor Kim Ho-young’s controversial post that seemed to have pointed out Ok Joo-hyun on Jun 14th, the production company of Elisabeth, EMK Company, announced its position through TV Daily.

EMK Company tried to draw the line on the controversial casting, saying, “We don’t know about such controversy,” adding, “Casting is the production company’s original authority.”

On Jun 13th, ‘Elisabeth’ announced the casting for its 10th-anniversary performance, which surprised musical fans with the fresh casting. Kim Ho-young then left an ambiguous post that seems to be about this news. He post the photo of a jade mat with the caption “A chaotic ground is the old saying, now it is a jade ground.”

The production company of Elisabeth

In this regard, fans speculated that he was aiming at Ok Joo-hyun by comparing her to the jade mat (okjangpan). Ok Joo-hyun plays the role of Queen Sisi, the main character of “Elisabeth”. In addition, Shin Sung-rok, Kim Jun-soo, Park Eun-tae, and Lee Ji-hoon have confirmed their appearance in the musical as well.

What surprised the public was another Queen Sisi, because Lee Ji-hye was casted for this role as well. Lee Ji-hye is from the same agency as Ok Joo-hyun, and the two are known to have a very close relationship. As such, suspicions were raised that the casting was affected by Ok Joo-hyun.


The background story here is that ‘Elisabeth’ is also the representative work of musical actress Kim So-hyun. She has played the role of Queen SiSi twice. It is also a work that Kim So-hyun is very affectionate about. However, she failed the casting this time. Musical fans are also saying, “I’m sad that Sisi this time is not Kim So-hyun.”

Meanwhile, Kim Ho-young deleted the SNS post after the controversy grew.

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