“Isn’t it a foul for her to participate in dance sports?”… The past career of a female idol who competed in ISAC’s dance sports event

Kep1er Xiaoting competed in the dance sports event at the Idol Star Athletics Championships.

On August 1st, the recording of the “2022 Chuseok Special Idol Star Athletics Championships” (hereinafter referred to as “ISAC“) was held at Goyang Sports Complex Gymnasium. A total of five events have been confirmed this year, including track and field (short-distance & relay), archery, dance sports, futsal and e-sports.

There is a player who has been mentioned since the dance sports rehearsal.


She is Xiaoting.

Xiaoting was wearing a comfortable T-shirt, but her movements were extraordinary. Even though she did not show off all her skills as it was a rehearsal, she still caught the eye.

Fans who went to “ISAC” left reviews on Twitter. They said that Xiaoting stood out very much in dance sports. They also shared rehearsal videos.


After watching these videos, netizens exclaimed, “Isn’t it a foul for Xiaoting to participate in dance sports?”

Xiaoting is known to be a former dance sports player. She has won about 50 awards in 5 years. She even taught everyone dance sports on several broadcasts.


Netizens were all amazed after watching Xiaoting’s rehearsal videos.

They showed reactions such as “The person who should have sat in the judges’ seat participated”, “Isn’t it her fault to actually compete? She’s really good”, “Xiaoting’s fingertips and eyes are definitely different”…

Meanwhile, “ISAC” is scheduled to air during the Chuseok holiday.

Source: dispatch

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