K-Pop fans couldn’t believe in their eyes after seeing Nancy (MOMOLAND)’s recent appearance

Recently finished the promotion for “I’m So Hot”, Nancy gained weight so fast that fans couldn’t even recognize her.

Beauty and weight are always the top important things to a female K-Pop idol. Asides from their talent, the Korean public are always harsh about the outer appearance of celebrities. Agencies always have many strict criterias about weight for their idols and trainees. For example, someone weights more than 51kg will be considered as unfit, even if she is tall. That’s why female idols with a chubby physique always have to face the criticism from the public.

Recently, Nancy (MOMOLAND)’s outer appearance becomes a hot debate on SNS. The mix-blood member along with other MOMOLAND girls was filming for a reality show. During their trip, she appeared brightly and energetic in a bright red hoodie and jeans. Nancy’s selfies in that outfit was complimented greatly by netizens.

However, at another camera angle, netizens found out that there was something wrong with Nancy’s physique. Different from her dazzling look on her selfie, Nancy seems to be showing signs of gaining weight uncontrollably. Her short height and flat shoes even made everything worse.

K-Pop fans are guessing that Nancy has gained weight after their promotion for “I’m So Hot” ended. Without any stress about being on stage, maybe she couldn’t control her diet which led to gaining weight.

This is not the first time the 19-year-old female idol is bashed for her weight. Nancy’s body type is the kind that easily gains weight. This might be the reason why she lost her center position of MOMOLAND to Yeonwoo since their comeback with “Baam”.

Source: tinnhac

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