The most “unlucky” member of LE SSERAFIM – Yunjin

Yunjin must be the unluckiest member of LE SSERAFIM since she lost her chance to debut with IZ*ONE and then lost her center position in LE SSERAFIM.

On May 2, rookie girl group LE SSERAFIM had an official debut with the song “FEARLESS”. The group consists of 6 members who are talented girls trained under HYBE Labels and Source Music. In particular, after the first performance stage, Yunjin is the name that is widely mentioned by the audience thanks to her outstanding charm. Besides, she is also known as a former Produce 48 contestant like female idols like Wonyoung (IVE), Yujin (IVE), Sakura, and Chaewon.

Huh Yun Jin
Yunjin is the member receiving attention from netizens

Yunjin was born in 2001, in Korea but grew up in New York, USA, so she can speak English fluently. She is the last member to be revealed by HYBE. From the very first day of her debut, Yunjin’s beauty was praised for her harmonious and attractive facial features. She has an outstanding height of 1m70.

Yunjin’s fresh beauty captivated fans. (Image: Twitter @lessraquotes)
She has an impressive height. (Photo: MK)
Her charisma is highly appreciated (Image: Twitter @lessraquotes)

In addition, many viewers praised the female idol for her charisma, vocals, performance skills, and stage presence. Therefore, many fans feel regret when Yunjin lost the center position to Garam – who was entangled in many controversies. In terms of looks and talent, she is far superior to Garam.

She possesses an extremely good stage presence. (Photo: news1)
Yunjin is always behind Garam in the team lineup. (Photo: Pinterest, HYBE)

Previously, the female idol was known as a Pledis Entertainment trainee on the show “Produce 48.” Yunjin’s journey at Produce 48 was not very successful. Many fans were disappointed when she grudgingly took a supporting role for the senior in the same company, Ga Eun.

Appearing at Produce 48, Yunjin attracted attention because she looked like actor Kim Ji Won. (Photo: Pinterest)

Despite possessing attractive beauty, impressive singing talent, and dancing ability, Yunjin was once ranked in class F and was not allowed to appear on stage. However, Yunjin still did not give up and tried to improve herself.

Yunjin was placed in class F and was not allowed to perform on stage. (Photo: Pinterest)

After a long time of trying, Yunjin finally had a chance to show her full talent. She took the center position on the stage performing the song “High Tension”. Yunjin surprised the audience with her attractive dancing skills.

She received many compliments when she held the center position for the first time in Produce 48. (Photo: Pinterest)

After that, Yunjin continued to leave an impression on fans when taking the lead vocal position when performing SNSD’s song “Into The New World”. The female idol showed off her powerful voice and easily conquered difficult high notes. This is a solid stepping stone to help Yunjin get closer to the public and be recognized as a talented idol by the audience.

Her powerful voice is loved by the audience. (Photo: Pinterest)

Thought she would win a debut slot, but the result disappointed fans. Unfortunately, Yunjin only finished in 26th place.

Yunjin stopped at 26th place, making fans sad. (Photo: Pinterest)

Her debut with rookie group LE SSERAFIM is currently a focus of public interest. Yunjin’s career and reputation are showing indicators of success and development. The female idol not only garnered the audience’s love, but she also has a good chance to showcase her ability.

She is gaining more and more love from the audience. (Photo: YouTube)
Huh Yun Jin
Yunjin will be more and more successful in the future. (Photo: Pinterest)

As a female idol who has attracted a lot of attention since debuting with LE SSERAFIM, Yunjin will definitely be a bright star in the future. Besides, the controversies surrounding Kim Garam have not yet subsided, greatly affecting the group’s image. Many people hope, Yunjin will have better luck in the future

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