The moment we witnessed Park Eun-bin’s “true self”

Actress Park Eun-bin, who gave healing to viewers through “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, is a person who shines even outside the camera.

Park Eun-bin had a round interview at a cafe in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on August 22nd to share various stories about ENA’s drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo“.

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” tells the survival story of Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin), a rookie lawyer who has a genius brain and autism spectrum disorder, at a large law firm. Park Eun-bin was praised for her in-depth expression of Woo Young-woo’s growth.

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On this day, the scene received keen attention because it was a place where you could hear Park Eun-bin’s thoughts on playing the main character in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, which gained syndrome-level popularity. More than 20 reporters gathered at one time alone. Park Eun-bin surprised reporters with her unexpected appearance at the scene, which could be somewhat confusing.

“Hello. Reporters, may I have your business cards? I’ll go to my seat.”

park eun bin

Before the interview, Park Eun-bin visited each reporter and received their business cards. She then arranged business cards in the order reporters sat at the table in front of her. She seemed to be trying to ascertain reporters’ names. Although the interviewer usually gives the interviewee a business card, it is rare for the interviewee to ask the interviewer for a business card, so it was a new kind of shock.

After Park Eun-bin received business cards, the interview began in earnest. The given time was 50 minutes, and the conversation between more than 20 reporters and one actress was bound to be limited. To the extent that there were many reporters who could not ask their prepared questions. At the scene, which was closer to a press conference than an interview, Park Eun-bin even delivered what her agency’s public relations team had to say.

Park Eun-bin

“I’m sorry to have so many people here at the same time. Thank you so much. I’ll speak out loud.”

Park Eun-bin met more than 100 reporters on one day alone. It may be hard to deal with many people at once, but she checked the names of the reporters who attended every time, made eye contact with the questioner and had a candid conversation.

Park Eun-bin

In addition, when the same question as in the previous interview came up, she showed meticulousness in answering after contemplating for a long time so that a slightly different article could come out. When asked a question with a set answer, she said, “I think I have to give the same answer to this. I’m sorry.”

After the interview, there were voices of reporters praising Park Eun-bin throughout the scene. This is the moment when we witnessed her true self as 31-year-old ordinary human Park Eun-bin, not actress Park Eun-bin.

Source: wikitree

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