Will JYP restore its honor as “girl group master” with NMIXX’s comeback?

All of JYP Entertainment’s girl groups have stood at the forefront of the music industry. Now, people are wondering if NMIXX can do the same.

Following ITZY, who made a comeback last month, and TWICE, who just released their 11th mini album “Between 1&2” on August 26th, JYP’s latest girl group, NMIXX, is also returning on September 19th. 

With JYP’s 3 girl groups releasing new songs in a row, attention is being focused on whether the last runner, NMIXX, will restore JYP’s honor as a “girl group master”, which has somewhat dwindled amid intense competition.


Recently, Twice had a quiet comeback. Despite making quite a wave on SNS, TWICE’s new title “Talk that Talk” is not doing really well on Korean music platforms. TWICE’s new album “Between 1&2” is the group’s first release of the year, and first after their contract renewal, therefore, the 1 million pre-orders of the album is a true testament of their fans’ loyalty.

However, this achievement of TWICE is a fandom-centric one, and in this current time where girl groups of all generations are gaining popularity, gathering topics, and creating a new wind in the music industry, it may not be enough. Currently, prominent Korean music charts, such as Melon and Genie, are being taken over by 4th generation groups like IVE and NewJeans, who debuted less than a year ago. BLACKPINK, who are from the 3rd generation, and SNSD (Girls’ Generation), who are from the 2nd, are both doing well, entering Top 10 on these charts and showing their immense impact. 


On the other hand, TWICE’s new song, which was released 6 days ago, is nowhere to be found in the top rankings, and ITZY’s latest title “Sneakers” is barely saving the face of JYP, having managed to sky-rocket in rankings after their promotional activities. 

In addition, TWICE’s previous album, “Formula of Love”, also did not do well on Korean music platforms. Although TWICE is still active both at home and abroad, it seems as though they no longer enjoy the same glory as during the peak of their career.As the longest-living girl group of JYP, TWICE still stand proudly with outstanding popularity, but their latest comeback may be having a hard time against other competitors. 


Among JYP girl groups, NMIXX is finally making a comeback after ITZY and TWICE, drawing attention to whether they will revive JYP’s title of “Girl Group Master.” The group, which debuted in February, gathered a lot of attention via their unconventional promotion of selling albums in a “blind package” before the members were even revealed. However, after the release of their debut album “Ad Mare”, NMIXX failed to gain topicality and impact. 

Although NMIXX succeeded in gathering a fandom from the existing JYP fan base by selling over 220,000 copies within the first week of sales, the group did not achieve high digital music performance nor public recognition. Although NMIXX had their own appeal as a group consisting of “seven aces”, they did not have the same destructive power as TWICE and ITZY upon debut.

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Now, NMIXX is returning with yet another single album that follows the genre of “MIXX POP”. A question remains, will this new song help NMIXX makes a noticeable imprint and restore JYP’s girl group pride. 

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