The male lead of K-drama  “My Liberation Notes”: gentlemanly visuals, nominated for super prestigious awards

Actor Son Seok Koo, who plays the male lead of “My Liberation Notes” is drawing attention from the audience.

With its realistic and relatable story, “My Liberation Notes” is a high-anticipated K-drama every week. And its male lead Mr. Gu is starting to be nicknamed the “ideal boyfriend” due to his warmth and attentive personality. As a result, Son Seok Koo, the actor behind Mr. Gu, is also being sought after. 

son seok koo

In “My Liberation Notes”, Mr. Gu appears as a mysterious and cold alcoholic. Nobody knows where he comes from and what he has been through to achieve such a nonchalant attitude towards life. However, despite this cold exterior, Mr. Gu is the best boyfriend there is, and his caring actions, gestures, and gazes towards the female lead Yeom Mi Jeong (played by Kim Ji Won) can flutter the toughest hearts. 

Born in 1983 and debuted under SBD Entertainment, actor Son Seok Koo has been in the industry for 9 years. Throughout his career, the actor frequents both the small and large screen, with a similar number of films and series. He also never hesitates to try out new genres, going from love stories like “Romance Without Love” to action like “D.P”.

Son Seok Koo is also recognized for his acting talents, and was nominated for Best New Actor at the 55th Baeksang Arts Awards in both Film and Drama, with “Hit-and-Run Squad” and “Matrimonial Chaos”.

son seok koo

While the actor is not considered handsome in the traditional sense, his physique and manly vibes are among the top in the industry. Via “My Liberation Notes”, the actor has delivered a perfect Mr. Gu, and made a lasting impression on the audience. 

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