The life of Park Hae Jin, 16 years after famous K-drama “Famous Chil Princesses”

Park Hae Jin, who recently joined the same agency as Lee Jung Jae and Jung Woo Sung, is expected to flourish further in his career.

Recently, entertainment agency Artist Company, which is home to top stars Lee Jung Jae and Jung Woo Sung, announced on their official website that Park Hae Jin has joined their company, saying: “It is an honor to work with Park Hae Jin, who has attained popularity from all across Asia. From now on, we will actively support him in all activities, both in and outside of Korea.”

This greatly excites fans of the actor, who expect Park Hae Jin to rise even further and express other aspects of himself.

Park Hae-jin
Jung Woo Sung (left) and Lee Jung Jae (right) welcoming Park Hae Jin to their company.

According to Daum, for the past 16 years, under every topic regarding Park Hae Jin, many fans still recall his debut role in the 2006 drama “Famous Chil Princess”, where he played Yeon Ha Nam, who defied all prejudices and family discouragement to pursue his superior – military officer Na Seol Chil. Here, the scene where he stood for hours under the rain to give his beloved chocolate and a rose, totally won over the hearts of viewers, and even earned Park Hae Jin various prizes, including the Best New Actor award at the 43th Baeksang.

Park Hae Jin became the on-screen lover of actress Lee Tae Ran, who is 8 years older than him, in “Famous Chil Princesses”

After the success of “Famous Chil Princesses”, Park Hae Jin became a critically acclaimed actor with various successful works such as “Heaven & Earth”, “East of Eden”, “Seo Young, My Daughter”, “Doctor Stranger”, “Cheese in The Trap”, and more. He also garnered huge popularity in Asian countries, and became a familiar name in China and Japan.

In an interview with Xportsnews, Park Hae Jin shared that he holds high standards for himself, and doesn’t accept doing things half-heartedly. Therefore, he struggles to get out of his characters, even after his projects finished filming. The actor would also arrive at the sets early to give his suggestions to the director, and asks for refilming if he feels that his portrayal isn’t enough.

The actor also added that he loves challenges, and won’t hesitate to do action sequences. In April 2022, Park Hae Jin adopted a unique role in “From Now On, Showtime!”, where he got to act hilariously and wore traditional clothes. At the time, the actor jokingly said he has gotten too old for the rest of the crew, and needs to do things at 200% to catch up. Despite his seriousness while filming, the actor is extremely friendly, and shares that he gets along well with them, making for a comfortable atmosphere where everyone struggles to hold in their laughs.

Park Hae Jin’s role models include seasoned actors and actresses like Na Moon Hee (82 years old), Shin Gu (86 years old), Kim Young Ok (85 years old), and more. He also expressed that he hopes to be just as passionate 50 years later, saying: “It’s surprising that the seniors still actively star in K-drama and movie projects, and even appear in variety shows. I often wonder if I can also do the same as them.”

According to Sports Seoul, in Korea’s entertainment industry, Park Hae Jin is well-known for being filial. He currently lives with his mother and older sister. He always takes good care of his sister’s children, who are 12 and 9 years old. After finishing his schedules, he usually spends time at home with his family. Park Hae Jin once said, “Family is everything to me”. He enjoys the time when the whole family gathers to watch his drama and discuss the next episode. He added that his family does not miss any of his works, which makes him very happy. 

On his 39th birthday earlier this May, Park Hae Jin revealed that he burst into tears when he received a greeting card from his nephew and niece, in which they wrote, “Thank you uncle for making a lot of money to buy food and raise us.” Park Hae Jin said that it is his wish for his nephew and niece to grow up peacefully and freely pursue their dreams. 

Park Hae Jin said he had no sense of age, but his physical strength seemed to decrease as he’s getting older, so he has been focusing on a scientific diet and increased exercise.

Park Hae-jin

When asked about his relationship, Park Hae Jin said he was too busy to even think about dating. He shared, “When there is no schedule, I hardly leave my house, so the opportunity to meet others is quite limited. I think I should get married before the age of 45, but honestly, I have no intention of getting married.” He believes he is happy enough surrounded by his family, like-minded friends and feels thankful for the fact that he is able to do what he loves. 

In an interview with MBN 10 years ago, Park Hae Jin expressed his desire to get married at the age of 35 but eventually delayed this plan due to objective factors and because the timing had not come for him yet. At the time, Park Hae Jin said that he and his ex-girlfriend made a promise that if they were still single in 2017, they would get back together. 

He shared the story, “If she shows up at the place where we agreed to meet, I will immediately propose. However, if she is already married and living a happy life, I am willing to forget about the promise and sincerely wish her a lifetime of happiness.” Close friends and co-workers of Park Hae Jin revealed that he has moved on from his past feelings because his ex-girlfriend has settled down.

Source: K14

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