Best friends Kim Jong-kook and Jang Hyuk spends time practicing boxing together

Singer Kim Jong-kook practiced boxing with Jang Hyuk and a college student professional boxer. 

On July 1st, Kim Jong-kook uploaded a video titled “Boxing day with special guest, Actor Jang Hyuk” on his Youtube channel ‘GYM JONG KOOK’. In the video, Kim Jong-kook met Jang Hyuk in front of his house. Surprised by the sudden summon, Jang Hyuk said, “It’s not the respect as friends. I’m an actor, that’s why I need setting and preparation.”

Kim Jong-kook and Jang Hyuk

Kim Jong-kook said he was curious about the boxing gym where Jang Hyuk often practices and how he works out.

In particular, Kim Jong-kook asked, “People often ask me who will win if we fight. What do you think?”. Jang Hyuk said, “We can’t fight each other. Our weight classes are different”. Jang Hyuk weighed 63kg while Kim Jong-kook 81kg. Kim Jong-kook then said, “Last time I practiced boxing with my sparring partner and caused him to have a double nosebleed. It was a misunderstanding. He didn’t use the headgear with a nose protector. I didn’t try to hit him but I did it by mistake. I was supposed to punch the floor but he got hit”.

Kim Jong-kook and Jang Hyuk

Kim Jong-kook went to the gym where his friend often practices. The two have some boxing lessons and sweated together. They also became sparring partners of each other. Kim Jong-kook provoked Jang Hyuk, saying “It won’t hurt when you hit me. Put more strength in your punch”. The two then gave each other punches.

After finishing the sparring match with each other, they also faced a college student professional boxer and surprised everyone with his win. Actually, the professional boxer got down on the floor because he slipped. 

kim jong kook

The two hugged as professional boxers after their matches. He also promoted Jang Hyuk’s new movie “The Killer: A Girl Who Deserves to Die”, saying “If this movie does well, I can appear in his next movie”, drawing laughter. 

Source: Daum

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