The last farewell of 2019: Lee Hi left YG

Lee Hi, the female singer once called ‘the princess of YG’, left the company after 7 years.

On December 31, YG Entertainment announced that Lee Hi would not renew her contract with the company. YG representative said, “After thorough discussions with Lee Hi, we decided that we will support each other in the future”.

“Since winning SBS KPop Star as a runner-up in the first season of 2011, Lee Hi has signed an exclusive contract with YG. She debuted in 2012 and became a representative solo singer of the new generation with her voice and talent. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Lee Hi, who has been creating a unique image as an YG artist for the past 7 years, and we will always support her. Please continue to support for Lee Hi’s new journey and future activities,” YG announced.

In May 2019, Lee Hi comeback after 3 years with the song No One included in the album titled 24°C with the collaboration with B.I (former iKON member). However, the drug use scandal of B.I has greatly affected the promotions for the album.

Lee Hi used to be one of the famous young vocalists of Kpop, she was called the “digital music monster” and “YG princess”. However, in recent years, YG seemed to “abandoned” Lee Hi, put off her activities and held back her career development.

YG once promised Lee Hi two comebacks a year, but the album 24°C was the only music product she released this year. Former Chairman Yang Hyun Suk once mentioned Lee Hi as “the person I feel most guilty about and also treasure the most”.

Lee Hi’s decision to leave the “YG family” was enthusiastically supported by fans. As YG is in a crisis, her career would be affected if she stayed with the company. She is also the next artist to leave YG this year after CL and Kim Sae Ron. This is also the last farewell of 2019 – a year of surprising farewells.

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