The idol industry: A blind spot for verbal abuse, assault, intimidation, and abuse of power

The more colorful it is, the darker it becomes. Idols shine brilliantly on stage, but they are also devoured by darkness, out of the public’s sight.   

Idol assault cases do not occur frequently. In the past, managers or representatives often swore at singers and actors, but the present entertainment industry is different.  

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Statistically, there are more assault controversies at small agencies, which are less systematic and professional than large agencies. However, not all small agencies treat their idols harshly. It is not the company that causes the verbal abuse and assault, but the individual’s violent tendency problem.  

On Oct 23rd, a voice record file of Kang, the CEO of Omega X, verbally abusing and shouting at the members went viral online, sparking controversy. Kang’s abusive remarks toward the members and the faint crying of the members were recorded.  

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The agency explained that the CEO was just emotional while talking about her disappointment with the members after their tour performance. Under all circumstances, the victims were still members of Omega X, but the members’ positions were completely hidden, and only an excuse for “why CEO Kang raised his voice” was released.  

As the controversy continued, CEO Kang, who used abusive language, voluntarily resigned. However, the members are still exposed to unfair treatment. The agency is run by 2 co-CEO, and the two are married. Even if Kang, who used abusive language on them, stepped down, Omega X was still exposed to violent situations.  

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After CEO Kang’s resignation, Omega X said, “It may take a while, but us Omega X will protect For X and Omega X with determination. We will not step back as much as the courage we hold in us,” they said. 

There was a similar controversy before Omega X’s case happened. A first-generation famous idol was accused of attacking a trainee. In July, a netizen revealed that he was a trainee at a company created by a first-generation famous idol member, but he gave up his dream after his contract with the company expired due to the shock after being hit on his cheek and head several times.  

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Jang Woo Hyuk of H.O.T was pointed out as the mentioned first-generation famous idol. Jang Woo Hyuk met and talked with that netizen in person, and admitted that there was a misunderstanding. Both sides decided to conclude the case, saying, “We apologized for the things we did wrong in the past.”  

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In 2020, Lee Seok Chul and Lee Seung Hyun of the band The East Light accused Media Line Entertainment, Chairman Kim Chang Hwan, and producer Moon Young Il of habitual assault and verbal abuse for four years.  

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Lee Seok Cheol held a press conference on behalf of his team and said, “I have been repeatedly hit with a baseball bat in the company’s basement practice room, recording room, and studio for nearly four years since 2015.” He claimed that he was threatened with death threat as soon as he informed his parents.  Judging that the assault and abuse were true, the court sentenced PD Moon to one year and four months in prison, and Chairman Kim to eight months in prison and two years in probation. 

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The relationship between company representatives and idols is not like that between parents and children. That is why we need to be more careful and considerate. The company and idols have a contractual relationship that states them as “A and B,” but it is still a community that runs forward together with the same goal. No matter what happens, no threats or assault should happen. The idols shouldn’t be threatened with debut chances or activities. If the representatives are adults who have lived a little more in this world, such emotional attitude is not right.

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