“The Glory” Jeon Jae Joon and “Road Home” Lu Yan Chen bears much physical resemblance, according to netizens

The actors behind them are receiving equal praise for pulling off their respective roles immaculately. 

If Korean drama is buzzing with “The Glory,” Chinese drama is being taken over by “Road Home” starring Tan Song Yun and Jing Bo Ran. 

park sung hoon

Between the two drama series, viewers notice the physical resemblance between Park Sung Hoon, who plays Jeon Jae Joon in “The Glory,” and Jing Bo Ran, who plays Lu Yan Chen in “Road Home,” despite having no connection. 

jing bo ran

Nevertheless, the characters played by the two of them have two entirely different fates. At this moment, Jing Bo Ran is much loved for giving a portrayal of a madly-in-love, masculine and sophisticated Lu Yan Chen. Meanwhile, Park Sung Hoon’s character is loathed for being a self-conceited jerk. The actor, on the other hand, is praised for depicting such a hateful character convincingly, showing his amazing acting chops to a variety of roles. 

“Road Home” starring Tan Song Yun and Jing Bo Ran is airing on iQIYI. 

Source: k14

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