The experience BTS left for their juniors: Practice a lot, create your own values and don’t be discouraged

With the success they have achieved, BTS has a lot of valuable experience for younger artists.

Recently, BTS held a press conference in front of the domestic media to introduce their latest music product – the album “Map of The Soul: Persona“. The first album of BTS in 2019 has created many records on all three areas including digital music, physical sales, and YouTube. Although they only had 6 years of experience in the music career, BTS has became a great senior who is admired by many juniors.

Also at this press conference, this Big Hit Entertainment’s group took the time to give advice to juniors on the journey to find their place in the entertainment industry.

Jungkook – the youngest member, who is famous for his sweet, charismatic voice, said:

Honestly, I didn’t practice much when I was a trainee. Sometimes I think: “Why didn’t you practice more at that time? I should have trained more. I didn’t realize how important training was before I debuted. I hope that today’s trainees could understand it and use their time smartly. Later, I believe they will achieve greater success“.

V- the vocalist expressed his own experience:

I want to tell them not to be discouraged by the failures or the sudden injuries that they may suffer while practicing. It’s a step that will help them move forward. Finally, those pain all will become memories and motivated them in the future“.

When asked about the second BTS, Suga surprised everyone with a consistent answer:

I don’t think there will be a 2nd BTS. We also have our ideal models as a child, but now we have become BTS. We hope to see different artists be born instead of a second BTS “.

We could see that the 26-year-old rapper want to emphasize that trainees need to be themselves instead of being a copycat of somebody.

Source: tinnhac

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