The Director and Screenwriter of “Yumi’s Cells”: “Please looking forward to Season 2 with Park Jinyoung as Yoo Babi”

The production team of “Yumi’s Cells” raised expectations for Season 2.

The Director and Screenwriter of "Yumi's Cells": "Please looking forward to Season 2 with Park Jinyoung as Yoo Babi"

Tving’s Original Drama “Yumi’s Cells” is a romance drama that tells about the daily life stories of an ordinary girl – Yumi when she eats, loves, and grows up with her cells. In particular, the last episode of Season 1 was aired on the 30th of last month.

This drama was directed by Lee Sang-yeop (“Shopaholic Louis”, “Familiar Wife”) and created by Song Jae-jung (“Memories of the Alhambra” and “W”). Writer Kim Yoon-joo and rookie writer Kim Kyung-ran of “Find Me in Your Memory” and “20” also joined in writing the script of “Yumi’s Cells“.

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Recently, Xsports News conducted an interview with Director Lee Sang-yeop, screenwriter Song Jae-jung, and Kim Yoon-joo to hear stories about the production process of “Yumi’s Cells” Season 1 and plans for Season 2, which is scheduled to air in the first half of 2022.

Xsports News asked the production team of “Yumi’s Cells“, “Park Jin-young, who appears as Yoo Babi – the male lead of Season 2, has already made headlines for the way he suits this character so well. What should the viewers wait to see in Season 2?”

Director Lee Sang-yeop answered, “If the audiences remember Woong as a character with long hair, beard, shorts, and flip-flops, I thought I should make Babi handsome no matter what. Although this character is kindhearted and has a scar inside his heart, I still considered making him look handsome unconditionally. When I first met Jinyoung, I remember I said, “He’s so handsome. Wow~”. I think I met a great actor while filming Season 2.”

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The Director continued, “Even though this drama faithfully follows the original work, there would be some small parts that have been changed slightly in Season 2. Babi is cooler than I thought. I will try to depict Babi and Yumi’s relationship and growth well. I’m sure Season 2 will be more interesting. Please look forward to it.”

Screenwriter Song Jae-jung also shared, “Both of us were surprised at how Park Jin-young looks so handsome. Although Babi is recognized as an extraordinary character in the webtoon, I think the viewers will be able to see something new in this drama version. He will show different chemistry with Yumi and different charms from that of Goo Woong. I hope everyone will pay attention to the new details.”

The Director and Screenwriter of "Yumi's Cells": "Please looking forward to Season 2 with Park Jinyoung as Yoo Babi"

She added, “Also, if Yumi of Season 1 made the viewers feel more frustrated when compared to the style of women who pursue what they want in this modern days, her growth will be depicted in Season 2. I think we will bring more pleasure to the audiences from this season. I hope people will look forward to the airing of Season 2 for more exciting stories.”

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