The controversy of Lisa’s solo song having the same melody as Hwasa’s (MAMAMOO) performance, is it plagiarism or the same sample?

Lisa’s title song was accused of plagiarizing the intro part of Hwasa’s performance at MAMA 2018, but what is the truth?

Recently, Lisa has officially made her solo debut with the single album LALISA and the MV of the same name. The music product of the youngest BLACKPINK member has received mixed reviews, and the digital music rankings in many countries are not as high as expected. Not only that, some netizens discovered that the melody in the song “LALISA” is identical to the intro of Hwasa‘s solo stage (MAMAMOO) at the 2018 MAMA Awards.

The comparison video shows that Hwasa’s intro at MAMA 2018 and the song “LALISA” both have trumpet sounds with similar melodies, raising the suspicion that Lisa’s solo song is a plagiarism product. Fortunately, fans quickly found evidence to bring justice to the Thai female idol and YG’s producers – the creators of this song. In fact, the youngest member of BLACKPINK and the member of MAMAMOO only use the same music sample.

The beat in the song LALISA and Hwasa’s performance at MAMA 2018 was taken from a sample called ‘Melody Loop Crazy Horns 01 130 Eb’, created by Tropkillaz – a Brazilian author group in 2018. Not only that, on YouTube, there was a video that said that Lisa and Hwasa used the same sample right after the BLACKPINK member released the ‘LALISA’ MV teaser on September 8. The audiences no need to wait until the song was officially released (September 10) to realize the similarity.

Notably, before the incident involving Lisa and Hwasa, MAMAMOO and BLACKPINK also bought the same sample. The opening part of MAMAMOO’s AYA and Digga has the same melody as the rap part that Lisa performed in the song How You Like That. The reason is that both sides use a template called KSHMR Middle East GTR Guitar 128 E Arabic.

As a result, many people were delighted to know that Lisa did not plagiarize but merely used the same sample with Hwasa. Along with defending Lisa, many people also denounced a group of anti-fans who circulated false information in order to affect her solo debut and the relationship between the two fandoms.

Netizens commented:

  • It’s seemed a sample, right? So why call it plagiarism?
  • Do you guys think that big musicians are just brainstorming to come up with all melodies for a song? 
  • They may buy the same sample; maybe you guys forgot the How You Like That beat too
  • They just used the same sample
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