The Big Hit rookie was rushed by fans, bursting into tears at the airport

ENHYPEN was touched and pushed by crazy fans in an unforeseen chaos at Gimpo Airport. 

On September 26, ENHYPEN departed for Gimpo Airport (Seoul) after finishing the schedule in Jeju Island. Although this is private information, the location and departure time of this rookie boygroup still leaked out leading to chaos at the airport. Crazy fans followed ANHYPEN, touched the boys in an uncontrollable situation. 


Without any preparation time, the managers and bodyguards of ENHYPEN were unable to control the situation. The members are at a young age and have not had experience in dealing with crazy fans, so they were extremely scared and confused. Sunoo panicked so much that he fainted, so Hee Sung and Jay had to protect him. Jake was also hit by a saesang fan, almost injured then he burst into tears. 


The members of ENHYPEN moved very hard because they were surrounded by fans. According to an airport staff, there were many crazy fans who still followed ENHYPEN to the plane. The situation became more chaotic.

After the incident, the keyword #PROTECTENHYPEN ranked No. 1 on the top global Twitter trending with more than 160,000 tweets. ENHYPEN’s fans expressed anger at the saesang fans’ disrespectful actions. Netizen was also frustrated when the company carelessly to leak information. 

ENHYPEN has not officially debuted but has received great attention from Kpop fans. Because this is the group that came out of the survival show I-Land organized by Big Hit and Mnet, they are not only known in Korea, but also famous internationally. The 7 members of the group include Jung Won, Hee Sung, Jay, Jake, Niki, Sunoo, Sung Hoon. The main management company of ENHYPEN is Belif Lab – a subsidiary of Big Hit and CJ E&M Entertainment.

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