Street Woman Fighter HOOK’s leader Aiki: “Dancers don’t need to be pretty”

What a professional dancer on Street Woman Fighter shared in an interview recently caught netizens’ attention.

Aiki is currently the leader of the Hook dance crew competing on Mnet’s hit dance survival show “Street Woman Fighter”. On the show, she always shows off her attractiveness and positive energy despite her small body figure. 


Recently, in an interview with Sports Seoul published on September 21, Aiki revealed her own criteria when picking out members for a dance crew:

“I have my own criteria when choosing members for my team. Of course, dancing skills and effort are the most basic. However, if the dancer is too pretty, all the attention will be focusing on the looks, not the dancing.”


Aiki added, “Also, I think dancers shouldn’t be too skinny either. A dancer should have their unique charm.”

Aiki’s statement immediately sparked controversy because WayB NOZE, another dancer in “Street Woman Fighter”, constantly attracts attention with her beautiful appearance. NOZE is also titled as “pretty dancer” by other contestants. Many netizens believe that Aiki intentionally targeted NOZE since, in the latest episode, NOZE’s team was the first one to be eliminated.

However, others insisted that Aiki was just talking about the criteria for selecting members for her team and had absolutely no malicious intentions towards NOZE or anyone else.


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