The appearance of BLACKPINK after the “battle” at Running Man surprised viewers

Recently, the show Running Man with the participation of BLACKPINK was broadcast and quickly made the audience laugh at a series of funny situations of the girls. 

The 4 members competed passionately in the battle on the soap-filled floor, making fans extremely excited by their lovely moments.

In particular, the looks of the girls after the battle made netizens extremely crazy. Always known for their luxurious image and splendid beauty, now the 4 members of BLACKPINK suddenly appeared with wet hair and a blank face. However, with heavenly beauty, Lisa, Rosé or Jisoo still shined brightly. Worth mentioning, Lisa’s unchanging bangs once again surprised people.

Before the match, BLACKPINK is still as beautiful and luxurious as ever.
The battle had just begun and their appearance had changed dramatically. However, Jisoo was still beautiful and gentle and maknae Lisa still stood out with a bright smile.
But after a while, were these high-end fashion brand ambassadors?
When looking at the series of moments below, no one can expect that these were the top beautiful and luxurious girls in Kbiz.
In the picture were famous fashion ambassadors holding each other necks with their legs.
The bright smiles of Jennie and Jisoo were the focus of attention
Before the match, Lisa was perfectly beautiful with her famous “unchanging” bangs and Rosé stood out with her sweet pink hair.
But they were still beautiful!

Sources: k14

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