The actor who plays Jung Woo-sung’s right-hand man in “12.12: The Day” turns out to be a politician’s son 

The movie “12.12: The Day” attracted 1.9 million viewers on the first weekend of its release

According to the integrated computer network of the Korean Film Council on Nov 27th, “12.12: The Day” surpassed 1,892,688 cumulative viewers in its opening week. This figure exceeds the opening week cumulative audience number of the movie “Smugglers”, which drew a total of 5.14 million viewers this summer, making it the highest opening week score among films released this year, following “The Roundup: No Way Out”.

The much-talked-about film “12.12: The Day” features the son of a politician.

Jung Woo-sung

He is none other than actor Nam Yoon-ho (born Yoo Dae-sik, 40), who played the role of Kang Dong-chan, the right-hand man of Capital Defense Commander Lee Tae-shin (played by Jung Woo-sung).

Nam Yoon-ho is the eldest son of Yoo In-chon, the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism. It is known that Yoo In-chon used to be an actor, too.

Jung Woo-sung

While “12.12: The Day” marks Nam Yoon-ho’s first film appearance, he has been active in the theater world much like his father.

He majored in film studies at Royal Holloway, University of London, and earned a master’s degree in acting from the University of California and a master’s degree in theater from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

Currently, Nam Yoon-ho is under Sem Company, founded by actor Hwang Jung-min and his wife Kim Mi-hye.

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