Blackpink’s Lisa: “I’ve Been a Fan of Taeyang since I Was Young… ‘Shoong’ Featuring is Honor and Happiness”

Lisa from Blackpink Reflects on Unforgettable Moments at Coachella

On the 27th, a video titled “First Revealed! Genuine Review from #Lisa who Conquered Coachella and Came Back!” was uploaded on Harper’s Bazaar Korea’s YouTube channel.

The video captured Blackpink’s Lisa drawing and answering questions. When asked, “What has changed and what hasn’t since your debut?” Lisa replied, “It’s been seven years since my debut, and I think my cheeks have slimmed down a bit. I had a baby face back then, but it has become slightly slimmer. As for what hasn’t changed, I think I always give my all on stage.”

Regarding the question about “the most unforgettable moment at Coachella,” Lisa expressed, “When I first performed at Coachella, it was on a smaller stage, and I could see how far the distance was on the stage. But this time, performing on the main stage, I couldn’t see the end of the stage. During the rehearsal, it didn’t feel real without people, but as soon as I went up, there were so many people. It’s such an awe-inspiring moment in my life, and I believe it will be unforgettable.”

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