14-year-old female K-pop idol became a victim of netizens’ malicious comments 

Kim Seon You (CLASS:y) revealed she is hurt by malicious comments. 

On September 21, Kim Seon You (CLASS:y) appeared in episode 4 of JTBC’s show “The Second World“. Here, the female idol opened up about her true feelings when reading malicious comments about her.

Seon You expressed, “I feel like I’m losing myself while running up to everyone’s standards. The hateful comments hurt me a lot.

When CLASS:y debuted, Seon You was only 14. The idol said that she was judged by many netizens just because of her young age.

Seon You shared, “People criticize that if I keep talking this way, I’ll look just like a baby. I give off childish vibes since I’m still young, but I think I act right for my age”.

The female idol said that trying to change herself made her feel like she was “losing herself”.

In an interview with the production team of “The Second World”, Kim Seon You confided, “At first, these malicious comments felt strange, but at some point, I started to get hurt so I don’t read them anymore. Sadly, they still show up.”

The singer confessed her true feelings, “I didn’t do anything wrong and I’m living a good life, so why do I have to say these things?”.

Kim Seon You was born in 2008. In 2021, she participated in MBC’s reality show “My Teenage Girl” and won second place overall.

In May 2022, Seon You debuted in CLASS:y. CLASS:y is often known as one of the youngest K-pop groups, with the oldest member born in 2001 and the youngest born in 2008.

Source: zingnews

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