Taiwan went crazy over BLACKPINK’s concert, even more crowded than during the New Year

BLACKPINK’s world tour concert has shaken up Taiwan, gathering an impressive crowd of 500,000 people.

According to local Taiwanese media on March 20th, after the BLACKPINK concert in Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan, which was held last weekend, 500,000 people flocked to the Kaohsiung subway for two days and a “war to return home” broke out.


Regarding this information, the Kaohsiung Metro Corporation explained, “On March 18th, the first day of the concert, it was estimated that 256,252 people gathered at the Guojia Tiyuchang subway station in Zuoying District. This is 6,500 more than the number of people who participated in this year’s New Year’s event (249,552).”

To prepare for a large crowd after the concert, the Kaohsiung Transportation Bureau ran trains every 3 minutes at Guojia Tiyuchang subway station and deployed 43 shuttle buses to Tsuo Ying Station on the Taiwan High-Speed Railway.

Despite this response, congestion occurred due to the huge crowd, and later stabilized in 90 to 110 minutes.

At the same time, Taiwanese media reported that before BLACKPINK’s concert, the price of scalping tickets soared to 45 times the regular price, and fans were dissatisfied.

In particular, the original price for a BLACKPINK concert ticket is 8,800 Taiwan dollars, but the price of a ticket purchased from scalpers has risen to 400,000 Taiwan dollars. 


Even in Korea, when a famous celebrity has a concert, it is easy to see scalpers selling tickets online, with the aim to take advantage of fans’ desire to see their favorite artists to make money.

However, scalping is an illegal activity, and a fine of up to 200,000 won will be imposed if tickets are resold for a higher price at stadiums or concert halls.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK is conducting the largest world tour concert for a K-pop girl group, attracting about 1.5 million audiences. The world tour will continue on March 25th and 26th in Manila, Philippines.

Despite such a busy schedule, BLACKPINK member Jisoo is making a comeback with her first solo album. YG Entertainment announced on the 20th that the title song of Jisoo’s first solo album is “FLOWER”.

Source: wikitree

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