Se7en – Lee Da Hae, the real reason why they kept dating although they almost broke up after 7 years of dating

Se7en and Lee Da Hae, the representative long-lived couple in the entertainment industry, finally become husband and wife.

On March 20th, Lee Da Hae and Se7en announced their marriage through their personal Instagram accounts.


The two, who have been in a romantic relationship for 8 years since 2015, will get married amidst many people’s blessings on May 6th.

Lee Da Hae said, “I’ll be more considerate and supportive as a good wife.” Se7en also promised, “As a husband and the head of a family, I’ll live a more mature life with responsibility.

Not every moment was pink as their dating period was long. They faced a breakup crisis in their 7th year of dating.


Se7en and Lee Da Hae appeared on MBC’s “Point of Omniscient Interfere” last year and honestly confessed that they had overcome a breakup crisis in 2021.

Lee Da Hae said, “As we’ve been dating for a long time, my friends, sisters and brothers get to like Se7en so much. When I almost broke up with Se7en, my acquaintances cried a lot.

It was Lee Da Hae’s mother who was particularly sad. She thought of Se7en as a really nice person and gave him a lot of affection.


Lee Da Hae continued, “‘Family’ is the driving force behind my long-term relationship with this person. I met Se7en’s family and they’re very nice. His older sisters are good, but his parents are the best.

Lee Da Hae caused laughter by saying, “I think I’ll be able to meet a man like Se7en in the future, but it’ll be difficult to meet good people like his family members.

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