Taeyeon, “No one recognized me at the subway station. Maybe I could go around more often”

Singer Taeyeon, who took time to visit birthday cafes and see birthday ads, was touched by the love of her fans.

On March 30th, a video titled “How to Celebrate TY day | Happy TY day | Birthday V-log” was published on the official YouTube channel of Taeyeon. 

On this day, Taeyeon visited a cafe, which held an event for her birthday, on the 9th. Showing off a cup holder with her picture on it, the female idol expressed her appreciation for her fans’ love, saying, “Right now, the event is already over…But still, let’s go in to feel the energy of my fans.”


Afterwards, Taeyeon went to a subway station where her birthday advertisement was displayed. She took a must-have “proof” photo, before expressing gratitude to her fans by saying, “Thank you to all my fans.”

Taeyeon, who visited the subway station to see another birthday advertisement, also laughed and said, “It’s been so long since I’ve been on the subway.” 

Then, after finding a birthday ad, the female idol showed her sincere thanks again, expressing, “Although March 9th has passed. Thank you for congratulating me on my birthday this year. Fortunately, this was near the company. This birthday advertisement, it didn’t take me long to come see it. Thank you.”


Finally, Taeyeon went to the company cafe and revealed, “I was at the subway station earlier. No one recognized me, so it was very easy to go see my ads. So, maybe I could go around more often. Everyone is looking down at their smartphones and walking ahead with their eyes on the ground,”

Source: Nate

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