Total assets of Song Joong Ki’s wife, unexpectedly high even after 5 years of retirement… Such a well-matched couple

Information about the net worth of Song Joong Ki’s wife Katy Louise Saunders quickly attracted the public’s attention.

On Jan 30th, Song Joong Ki announced his marriage to former British actress Katy Louise Saunders. Since Katy has withdrawn from the entertainment industry since 2018 plus the fact that she worked in an unfamiliar market to Asian viewers (Italia), information about her is quite scarce. The public knows that Song Joong Ki‘s wife used to appear in different works, but her income and wealth are unknown. In the evening of Jan 30th, Sports Kyunghyang first revealed Katy’s net worth.

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Accordingly, Katy’s total asset value is currently about 1.8 billion won. It is known that she has accumulated this fortune after more than 16 years of artistic activities in Italy, from acting, modeling to MC. However, Sports Kyunghyang did not take into account the income after the former actress left showbiz and became an English tutor. Therefore, the total value of Katy’s current assets may be even higher than 1.8 billion won.

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This figure is still much more modest than that of Song Joong Ki. Not to mention Song Joong Ki is one of the actors with the highest salary in the entertainment industry, amounting to 300 million won per episode.

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According to Sports Kyunghyang, Katy is very similar to Song Joong Ki’s ideal type. In the past, Song Joong Ki talked about his ideal type’s appearance on various programs such as Section TV, Night of TV Entertainment… In general, he likes women with sexy looks and beautiful legs. Looking at the actor’s wife, the public easily realizes that this woman has all of the above characteristics.

Meanwhile, it was reported that Song Joong Ki set up a new life in a detached house worth 20 billion won in Itaewon-dong with Katy.

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