Reasons why IVE is considered a 4th generation girlgroup with all visuals

As a popular Korean rookie group, IVE has always received much attention from the public. 

Debuting not long ago but the group has won several initial successes that make fans proud.  Besides, what makes netizens always pay attention to IVE is the beautiful appearance of its members. Many people think that IVE doesn’t have an Achilles’ heel in visuals because the group is full of beauties with gorgeous bare faces.

IVE visuals
 IVE is the group with the best appearance in Gen 4. (Photo: Pinterest)


Yujin‘s beauty is undeniable because she was a “familiar face” before officially debuting. Thanks to her pure and sweet appearance, the beauty born in 2003 was chosen to participate in many MVs and advertising projects when she was a trainee. Therefore, no one can doubt about her bare face.

IVE visuals
 Yujin’s real beauty has made many people’s hearts skip a beat.  (Photo: Pinterest)

When she doesn’t wear makeup, the female idol still shines with a beautiful, flawless bare face.  She has glass skin, big round eyes and pretty lips. In addition, she also made many people “fall in love” with her sunny smile, revealing her lovely dimples. 

IVE visuals
Yujin was born to be an idol.  (Photo: Pinterest)


Wonyoung‘s outstanding appearance is no stranger to K-pop fans. Even with her bare face, the beauty can still surpass many people. The female idol leaves a good impression on the public thanks to her harmonious facial features.  Besides, Wonyoung’s luxurious aura also makes her look more expensive and like a chaebol.

IVE visuals
Wonyoung can shine with just a little lipstick (Photo: Pinterest)
IVE visuals
Wonyoung deserves to be called “the new generation’s goddess” (Photo by Koreaboo)


Since the day Starship Entertainment announced the lineup of their new girl group IVE, netizens have constantly expressed interest in the appearance of the 6 girls. Among the members, Leeseo caught the attention of fans for being the youngest member. Despite being only 14 years old, the female idol impresses netizens with her beautiful face and delicate features.

In addition, the makeup artist of IVE also said that all members are completely bare-faced in their introductory photo. This makes people admire the natural beauty of Leeseo. The female idol attracts fans with outstanding visuals, plump lips, high nose bridge and smooth skin. Moreover, many people also dig up childhood pictures of the beauty born in 2007. From a young age, she has clearly shown her potential idol visuals with her lovely shining face.

IVE visuals
She is nicknamed “a bare-faced angel” by fans  (Photo: Pinterest)


Gaeul’s visual looks much more eye-catching when she wears makeup. However, her bare face reveals another different charm, which is more youthful and natural. Ever since she debuted, this 2022-born idol has captured the hearts of many fans with her appearance that has an actress vibe. She also received many compliments for her beauty and was said to have similar facial features to (G)-IDLE Miyeon’s.

IVE visuals
Gaeul is said to be the member who has the most beautiful bare face in IVE (Photo: Pinterest)

Thanks to her outstanding appearance without makeup, Gaeul is nicknamed “bare-faced goddess”. This IVE member caught the attention of netizens with her distinctive facial features, nice skin, and a high nose top. Moreover, when looking at her pre-debut photos during school days, many people pointed out Gaeul’s natural beauty. It seems like the majority of netizens agreed that IVE’s eldest member is a born beauty.

Gaeul has shown her pretty look ever since her school days (Photo: @autumn__fall___)


Being the only foreign member in IVE, Rei also gained much attention from netizens. Although Rei was once criticized for her weak live singing skills, she still impressed many people with her pretty outlook. Whenever Rei appears on stages and in MVs, she always steals the spotlight with her beautiful face under fine makeup.

IVE visuals
Rei’s lovely bare face (Photo: Pinterest)

However, when washing away her makeup, Rei shows off a sweet and youthful beauty. This Japanese idol owns a cute baby face. Thanks to that, she has left a great impression on fans. With her nice skin, a small nose, and a bright smile, she always shows up with an energetic appearance, fluttering the hearts of many fans.

IVE visuals
Rei is praised for having really nice skin (Photo: Pinterest)


Liz has stood out the most among the members since IVE’s debut thanks to her blonde hair. Apart from her hair color, Liz also has an attractive visual that can suit any kind of concept, from “girl crush” to “lovely and cute”.

Liz draws even more attention when revealing her bare face. She has stolen the hearts of many fans with her bright smile and lovely dimples. Moreover, Liz’s high and straight nose also makes her visual shine even more.

IVE visuals
Liz attracted huge attention with her feminine visual (Photo: Pinterest)
IVE visuals
She has also revealed her pretty features ever since she was young (Photo: Pinterest)

IVE is recognized as a “visual” girl group because the members all have beautiful bare faces. Although they have been involved in several controversies over attitudes and skills, their appearances can be comparable to any rookies.

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