Taeyang reveals his changed mindset after marrying Min Hyo Rin and having a son, “The way I see babies has changed”

Singer Taeyang, a member of Big Bang, talked about how his mindset changed after becoming a father.

A special day of Taeyang was revealed through the broadcast of MBC’s “Omniscient Interfering View” on February 4th.


After working out, Taeyang visited a sweet potato farm run by the family of his manager Kim Kyung Rae. He said, “I’ve only heard about the farm but it’s my first time going there. He (Kyung Rae) kept bringing me sweet potatoes for my self-management”.

Upon arriving at the farm, Taeyang greeted Kim Kyung Rae’s mother and helped her do some small tasks.


Talking with Kim Kyung Rae’s mother, Taeyang gently said, “I knew Kyung Rae’s mom and dad sent me sweet potatoes every time. That’s why I must come here to visit you”.

After finishing the work, Taeyang spent time playing with Kim Kyung Rae’s nephews and nieces.


Looking at the children with his sweet eyes, Taeyang confessed that his mindset on children changed after he became a father. The male singer said, “I think the way I see babies has changed”.

Taeyang married actress Min Hyo Rin in 2018. Three years later, he held his first son in his arms.

BigBang taeyang

Taeyang once bragged about his son, saying “My son resembles my wife. That’s why he’s really pretty”, adding “Whenever I take him outside, people ask if he’s my daughter. He’s so pretty that I have to correct them that he’s a boy every time. He’s such a lovely and precious”.

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