TWICE’s Sana showed off a gift box from a fellow female idol, “I really wanted to see you…”

TWICE’s Sana received a gift from an idol who confessed her affection.

TWICE’s Sana posted a photo on her Instagram story on the 1st to boast Red Velvet’s Wendy’s snack gift.

Earlier, Sana, along with her member Jihyo, appeared on the radio “Young Street” hosted by Wendy. On the radio, Wendy asked Sana, “Is there anything you want to say to the members?”. When asked, Sana confessed, “I have nothing to say to the company and the members, and Wendy is so pretty”.

Wendy said, “Sana is looking at me and her eyes are so lovely. My heart flutters. Please be careful”.

Sana said, “When we do activities, we have a meeting to decide which program to go on. I said I wanted to go on Wendy’s radio show. I’m here on my way. I’ve been smiling since I came in because I loved it so much,” she confessed.

Source: wikitree

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