Lee Chaeyeon looks indistinguishable from her younger sister Lee Chaeryeong… How are they not twins?

Lee Chaeyeon released a video with her younger sister, ITZY Lee Chaeryeong.

On October 13th, Lee Chaeyeon posted a video of herself on her Instagram along with the caption “Behind the scenes of the HUSH RUSH challenge with Lee Chaeryeong.”

Chaeryeong Chaeyeon

The released video shows Lee Chaeyeon and her younger sister, ITZY Lee Chaeryeong hugging each other. In particular, the siblings’ appearances, which are so similar one would mistake them for twins, attracted a lot of attention.

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Lee Chaeyeon, born in 2000, is 23 years old this year, while Lee Chaeryeong, born in 2001, is 22 years old. The two appeared together on the SBS audition program “KPop Star Season 3”, which aired in 2013.

From 2018 to April 2021, Lee Chaeyeon was a member of the project girl group IZ*ONE, which was formed through Mnet’s survival show “Produce 48”.

Lee chae yeon

She has since released her first mini-album “HUSH RUSH” on October 12th, her first solo debut in her four years.

Meanwhile, Lee Chaeryeong made her debut as a member of ITZY in February 2019, and she has been steadily promoting.


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